Found Our Dream Home

Sue is an AMAZING Realtor and definitely someone you want on your side whenever you’re ready to buy or sell your home. I’ve known Sue for 14 years in a different professional capacity, so when my husband and I started this process in early 2021, I knew Sue was the person I wanted to help us buy our first home.

The first time I knew we made the right choice was when I messaged her in the fall of 2021 to tell her we weren’t ready, and the market was too crazy for us to play with. She immediately agreed and said she wouldn’t have recommended buying at that time anyway.

Sue’s honesty and integrity leads every choice and conversation she has and agreeing with us that a delay was the right move - instead of pushing us for the sale and her eventual commission - was validating and (oddly) exciting.

Fast forward about 10 months and we were ready. She was clear, patient, and responsive throughout the entire process. She asked us a lot of questions about timing, location, and budget range - and not once with any judgment or reservation about what we were asking her to help us find. There was never a time I worried about the process - especially when I was overwhelmed by it all.

Sue knows the market, has strong relationships with other realtors, and gives honest advice and responses to questions. She doesn’t sugar coat anything and that’s perhaps the best thing about her. She’s real. And she’s realistic.

We found our dream home on day THREE of looking in person and many weeks of browsing listings online. It felt magical and miraculous. We got in to see our house early because we couldn’t make the open house and that’s because Sue was unafraid to ask for it.

We just knew it was ours, immediately, and the craziness began right away. Submitting the offer, having it be accepted, and then the MADNESS that was the next two-three weeks after all felt possible and manageable because Sue was there every step of the way.

She could likely be a licensed therapist too, because there’s a healthy dose of managing our feelings and she’s very good at THAT, too.

Work with Sue. She’s kind and compassionate. She’s very FUNNY and a ton of fun to work with. She knows what she’s doing, and she shares in your desires to find the perfect home for you.

We’ve owned our home for three months already and every day I think of Sue and thank her for getting us here.

Meg & Matt O. (first time homebuyers)

Out of State Referral

"My husband and I are planning to retire in warmer weather and were looking to purchase on Hilton Head Island, SC. Even though Sue Rogers is based in Massachusetts, we wanted to give her our referral business. She made inquiries among her contacts, researched our desired area and quickly matched us with a great local agent who made the purchase of a fabulous new-construction home a reality."
Lisa B. Atlanta, GA (Buyer)

Love My Condo!

"From the first, Sue Rogers provided truly exceptional service. She was prompt, polite and prepared and really made the experience fun. Above and beyond what might be expected from the most attentive broker. 10 out of 10"
Ben Siegel, Arlington MA (Buyer)

Covid Purchase

"Sue worked with me for almost 2 years as I tried to find my first house. She was always very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable about the local areas. She even helped me out through the beginning of covid, and never feared any of the run-down, sketchy houses we went to look at. She is a trooper! Because of this I would highly recommend Sue Rogers to any of my friends or family who may be looking for houses in the future!"
Andrew Volpe (Buyer)

Holiday Sale!

"Working with Sue/Coldwelll was truly the best experience, and with the benefit of our hindsight -- although we love the home that we found prior to meeting and working with her -- it would have been a no-brainer to engage with Sue when we were looking to buy as well.

This honestly could not have been a better experience -- selling a home during the holiday season (and pandemic) could have been stressful, but instead, Sue worked with us and put us at ease throughout the whole process; she was very responsive all of the time, and we felt like she did everything possible to ensure a smooth sale.

She was also critical in helping us to manage the sales process -- because we had moved out of the area, she was an incredibly helpful point of contact to be on site when needed to get the place ready to show, help facilitate walk-thrus as well as a cleaning service she recommended. She made everything so easy and never seemed put off from having to make local trips on our behalf.
Highly recommend working with Sue!"
Beth J, Bedford NH (Seller)

Kind Words

You have been so caring and thoughtful that I really want to thank you for being the lovely person you are! Nowadays, not too many people are as wonderful and caring as you! Keep in touch & I will brag about you.
Ronnie S., Client

Condo Purchase

"What was most notable about Sue is that, after discovering the utilities in the condo I was interested in (i.e. water heater, gas furnace, AC, etc) were old and their continued performance was in question, she negotiated an insurance policy to protect me against possible sudden failure of said equipment. This not only served to close the deal, but turned out to be a very wise move, as the water heater gave out a few months after I moved in, and I was unable to afford such a large expense at that time. The agent I was dealing with prior to Sue would not have thought (or frankly cared enough) to recommend and negotiate for the seller to include several years of utility insurance as part of the deal. Having no prior knowledge of such insurance (let alone that it could be negotiated for as a selling point), I most definitely would not have thought of it on my own and, therefore, would have walked away from the sale. Well done, Sue!"
Karl S, Buyer